Toronto Studio Commons is a diverse group of independent artist studios, workshops and collaborative spaces, sharing a common goal in promoting artistic and creative expression in our city. Founded by a new generation of artists and entrepreneurs, TSC represents a wide range of operating structures, such as open studios, galleries and/or shared spaces.

Acting as an inclusive platform and forum that supports creativity in any medium, TSC seeks to empower artists and creatives through mentorship and education, providing the right tools, experience and environments for success. With our varied spaces and expertise, we promote collaboration among artists and studios across any form of media to open new avenues of creative expression.

Together, we are actively seeking new artists, students and projects that will contribute to Toronto’s cultural landscape. Our founders continue to share their knowledge and spaces with anyone from established artists to the newly curious, certain that we all stand to benefit from a strong and growing creative community in our city.

Toronto Studio Commons recognizes the importance of the artist studio in maintaining vibrant healthy urban communities and stands in strong support of initiatives which protect the ability to have affordable, creative work space in our neighbourhoods.

For more information on how to get involved and spread the word, take a look at the individual studio bios, and visit the website links for details on classes, workshops, studio rentals, events and more.